Blue Tees Golf


With a blend of tailored flow automations, valuable content and analyzing customer habits Reach Realm has made a massive impact with the US-based company Blue Tees Golf.

We’ve provided a premium email marketing package that helps a build strong, lasting customer relationship and aids in solving customer problems. We’ve positioned Blue Tees Golf as their customer’s favorite store regarding golf needs.

The result has been steady engagement, high ROI, and 24% increase in sales SOLELY THROUGH EMAIL in under 30 days.

Why Did Blue Tees Golf Need Us?

Prior to consulting with Reach Realm, Blue Tees Golf lacked any form of an email marketing strategy, even though the’ve been active since 2015.

The goal was to create tailored segmentations and interesting messages that would instill trust and loyalty to the brand while also promoting their signature products.

After taking a look at Blue Tees Golf’s brand and customer personality, our team started the work to invent a email marketing campaign that would boost their ROI and customer engagement.

Can Email Marketing Make A Difference?

With over 4 billion active email accounts worldwide it can be crucial for any company’s marketing strategy.

Many companies can find it difficult to create compelling messages, design, and strategy that their customers can fall in love with. This can lead to some businesses not using email marketing at all. Which is an investment any company should make if they want to take advantage of every platform to grow.

People wake up every day and start their mornings and end their days by checking their emails. Reach Realm can promise your business message is seen, opened, and loved every time your name is seen in their inbox.

To Start, We Created A Rockstar Strategy To Understand Customer Personality and Messaging

Reach Realm has helped Blue Tees Golf strengthen their relationship with customers, not only creating a steady stream of sales but also boosting engagement and brand loyalty. We’ve done this by sending behavior based flow automations, segmented campaigns, and using targeted messaging based on a close study of Blue Tees Golf’s customer personality.

Flow Automations Based On Customer Behaviour

The Reach Realm team created flow automations that allowed Blue Tees Golf to have a passive, automated system of steady sales for both new and old visitors of their website.

We formed Blue Tees Golf’s flow automations, which have been the backbone of our email marketing plan. They include:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Post Purchase for 1st time buyers
  • Post Purchase for 2nd time buyers
  • Exit Intent
  • Customer Winback

After implementing these five basic flow automations, Blue Tees Golf’s revenue DOUBLED with email accounting for 24% of the total revenue in just one month with automations alone!

We’ve Only Just Begun…

When Blue Tees Golf first came us, they had zero sales from emails.

But with Reach Realm’s systems and email marketing strategy – they’ve increased their sales by 24% in one month.

And it’s only going to get better and better.

Each time we look at the numbers, we learn more about what we need to do next and what systems we need to implement.

Reach Realm will be making changes and additions to the flow automations so every subscriber gets emails that are created around their behavior and can provide what they desire.

Also, with the use of daily email campaigns being sent on holidays, specials, discounts, and value-packed content we foresee that Blue Tees Golf’s email plan will surpass the 30% of total revenue mark in the near future. 

You Could Be Next…

Would you like to explode your sales and grow rapidly like Blue Tees Golf has? If you do, you need a patented email marketing plan that your email list will love. Of course, you could go at it yourself and get some “okay” results…

But doesn’t it make sense to let a special team with a proven track record to maximize your sales?

This way you can free up your time to focus on other important aspects of growing your business. If this sounds like an intelligent business decision to you, then you should book a consultation with us. This is a no-obligations chat to find out if your brand will be a good fit for Reach Realm.

So if you’re ready to learn more about how Reach Realm can explode your sales and help you save time, make money, and grow your brand then contact us and schedule your appointment today.



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Blue Tees Golf
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