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Burju Shoes


Period: 180 days (September 2019 – January 2020)

Total revenue generated from email marketing: $125,250

Revenue from email automations: $53,070

Revenue from email campaigns: $72,180

Email Marketing ROI: 595,83%

About The Brand

Burju Shoes is a women’s fashion brand selling custom made dance shoes with a flair for fashion so dancers can look as amazing as they move.

Website: https://burjushoes.com/

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The challenge

They reached out to us with a goal of increasing their customer loyalty, growing their brand and increasing sales. 

Facing low customer loyalty and conversion rate they needed a solution that would help them propel their business to the next level and allow them to capitalize on the 4th quarter that was quickly approaching.

The Solution

By implementing our conversion rate optimization best practices, launching full fledged email marketing strategy and building out their VIP system we helped grow the brands revenue by more than 230% in only 5 months.

Revenue Before We Started
Revenue After 5 Months With Us

Optimizing the customer experience

To help Burju Shoes properly address it’s customer base we’ve used our customer profiling techniques combined with a major customer survey. The insights provided by that survey, we tailored all of the brand’s messaging to it’s best customers.

The collected data also allowed us to optimize the buying experience on and off their website, which led to an increase in conversion rates from 0.99% to 2.3%.

Conversion Rate Graph

Email Automations

We’ve built email automations that are now a crucial part of the brand’s customer journey. They guide the visitors from the moment they first encounter Burju Shoes all the way to them becoming an avid fan of the brand.

After setting up their automated email marketing system and putting it to work, Burju Shoes increased their revenue by 25% to 30%. Adding an extra $20,519 to the brand’s revenue in September of 2019.

Email Marketing Results (September 2019)

Thanks to automated cart recovery messages, Burju Shoes now also recovers 37,9% of their abandoned carts which represents more than 8% of their overall revenue.

Email Campaigns

After analyzing their customers’ behaviour we realized that while Burju’s audience loves to hear about new product releases and sales they also enjoy discussing topics related to their love of shoes.

We leveraged the brands active social media presence to start a conversation and give their followers a chance to influence the content they are receiving via email. 

This allowed us to generate targeted content that answered the audiences most pressing questions which in turn increased the brand’s presence and boosted email engagement.

Now we use our email campaign strategy to generate sales and influence customers buying behaviour. In fact email campaigns are a main driving force of the brands sales and promotional events.

Burju Sale Event

We used email campaigns during Black Friday in 2019 to generate more than $24,740 in additional sales.

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