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Technigadgets sells high quality but affordable accessories for men, with a goal of providing their customers with timeless fashion pieces that make them look and feel amazing. Their product line includes sunglasses, watches, wallets, and jewelry.

The Challenge

When they reached out to us, they were investing lots into paid advertising and were looking to implement a system that could help them convert more of this traffic into high value customers.

The Solution

We’ve supported them by first focusing on turning their visitors into email subscribers, which gave the brand a chance to nurture and eventually convert more people.

To achieve that, we deployed a set of highly personalized email automations addressing any potential objections that might be stopping customers from making a purchase.

In addition to these automations, we created an email campaign calendar to continuously nurture the brands’ email list, generate repeat purchases and support the brand during crucial sale events.

The results

In less than six months of implementing our strategies for Technigadgets, the email automations generated an extra $125,515 in revenue and managed to recover 32% of all abandoned carts.

On top of that, we improved their open and click rates over time to ensure their email campaigns generate consistent results.

Burju Shoes is a women’s fashion brand selling custom made dance shoes with a flair for fashion so dancers can look as amazing as they move.

The Challenge

Facing low customer loyalty and conversion rate Burju Shoes needed a solution that would help them leverage email and retention marketing to generate consistent revenue while building deeper relationships with their highly engaged and ultra specific audience.

The Solution

Establishing the brands email and retention channels from scratch, we started by building out a set of core email automations targeting highly specific segments of their audience with messaging that fit their individual customer journey.

To boost customer loyalty, we introduced custom loyalty automations that engaged and rewarded their most loyal customers while encouraging less engaged list members to join this exclusive club.

Burju’s campaign calendar is designed to further engage their customer base with targeted content that adds value and keeps them interested in the brand’s products.

The results

Burju Shoes experienced exponential growth when partnering with Reach Realm. Email quickly became one of their highest ROI channels, contributing 33% and more to their total revenue.

By optimizing their approach to lead generation we successfully grew their list while more than doubling their conversion rate, taking it from 0.99% to 2.3%.

We also continuously support them in planning their promotional calendar and create engaged campaigns that add $20,000 or more to their revenue every month.

Shopango is an eCommerce company in the home & office industry focused on providing outstanding value and customer service. They give their customers access to affordable products without compromising on quality.

The Challenge

Shopango was looking to compliment their existing marketing efforts by employing advanced email and retention marketing strategies.

Even though they were seeing some success by managing their email marketing inhouse, they were looking to add more expertise to their approach and boost their results from this channel.

The Solution

Reach Realm’s strategy team devised a retention focused email marketing strategy with a focus on boosting Shopango’s conversions and customer lifetime value.

We started by launching a set of core eCommerce automations, structured based on the brands business goals and needs of their customers.

To capture the attention of their subscribers, we redesigned their emails to be more on brand and optimised the layout for conversion.

The results

After launching the revamped automations and introducing a regular campaign schedule, Shopango has seen a 400% improvement in their email marketing results.

Revenue attributed to email has increased from the previous high of 8% all the way up to 38%. On top of that they’ve also seen additional revenue coming from a post purchase upsell strategy we deployed for them.

Coconut Matter is a natural beauty brand focused on producing sustainable and handmade vegan deodorants, lipsticks, lip balms, soaps and body balms made from wild virgin coconut oil.

The Challenge

As a well-positioned brand with a strong mission, Coconut Matter knew they needed to fully utilize the momentum and email list they gained with their KickStarter campaign to propel their results of their Shopify store.

At the time they began working with Reach Realm they did have a considerably sized list that needed to be engaged with quality content in order to increase brand awareness and generate consistent sales.

The Solution

In the spirit of the brand, Reach Realm approached the project with sustainability in mind.

We’ve planned and built out a system of email marketing automations that help Coconut Matter stay in touch with their audience and get that audience acquainted with the brands’ mission on autopilot.

Our content-heavy approach to their email marketing allows the brand to build lasting relationships with customers that share their values, and keeps them buying from Coconut Matter.

The results

Their investment into email marketing led to higher brand loyalty and increased conversions. This channel alone is now responsible for generating up to 31% of their total online revenue.

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