Case Studies

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Technigadgets sells high quality but affordable accessories for men, with a goal of providing their customers with timeless fashion pieces that make them look and feel amazing. Their product line includes sunglasses, watches, wallets and jewelry.

The Challenge

When they reached out to us, they were investing a lot of money into paid advertising, but their profits were low. They needed a solution that would help them convert more visitors into buyers and increase customer retention.

The results

Within a year of partnering with Reach Realm their revenue has increased by more than 400%.

Email automations generated an extra $125,515 in revenue in less than 6 months.

Email campaigns generate an extra $11,259 in revenue every month!

Burju Shoes is a women’s fashion brand selling custom made dance shoes with a flair for fashion so dancers can look as amazing as they move.

The Challenge

They reached out to us with a goal of increasing their customer loyalty, growing their brand and increasing sales.

Facing low customer loyalty and conversion rate they needed a solution that would help them propel their business to the next level and allow them to capitalize on the 4th quarter that was quickly approaching.

The results

We helped grow the brands revenue by more than 230% in only 5 months

Their automated email marketing system increased their revenue by 25% to 30%.

Email campaigns are a main driving force of the brands sales and promotional events.

Krosiny is a women fashion brand with a mission to redefine beauty. They provide women with beautifully crafted accessories that bring beauty to their professional and family life.

The Challenge

Because the company was still in their startup phase without an existing email list, they were completely dependent on paid traffic to generate purchases.

The results

We designed a fully automated system for building deep customer relationships that lead to a 25% growth in the brands revenue

To start building the brands email list, we’ve developed onsite retargeting elements such as popups to collect emails. This resulted in an average list growth of 143% month over month.

Coconut Matter is a natural beauty brand focused on producing sustainable and handmade vegan deodorants, lipsticks, lip balms, soaps and body balms made from wild virgin coconut oil.

The Challenge

At the time they began working with Reach Realm they did have a considerably sized list but lacked website traffic and any form of customer loyalty. They also did not have a way of sharing their story with their audience.

The results

Email marketing is responsible for 31% of total online revenue.

With a high degree of personalisation in their email automations, Coconut Matter saw a 45% decrease in cart abandonment.

Our content-heavy approach to their email marketing lead to higher brand loyalty and an increase conversions for new and repeat buyers.

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