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Coconut Matter


Period: 90 days (October 2019 – January 2020)

Revenue attributed to email marketing: 31% of total revenue

Email Marketing ROI: 201%

About The Brand

Coconut Matter is a natural beauty brand focused on producing sustainable and handmade vegan deodorants, lipsticks, lip balms, soaps and body balms made from wild virgin coconut oil.

Website: https://coconutmatter.com/


As a well-positioned brand with a strong mission, Coconut Matter wanted to fully utilize the momentum they gained with their KickStarter campaign.

At the time they began working with Reach Realm they did have a considerably sized list but lacked website traffic and any form of customer loyalty. They also did not have a way of sharing their story with their audience.

The Solution

In the spirit of the brand, Reach Realm approached the project with sustainability in mind.

Email Automations

We’ve planned and built out a system of email marketing automations that help Coconut Matter to stay in touch with their audience and get that audience acquainted with the brands mission.

With a high degree of personalisation in their email automations, Coconut Matter also saw a 45% decrease in cart abandonment.

Email Campaigns

We also created a long term newsletter schedule designed to keep the existing list engaged and to take advantage of the momentum the brand gained with their KickStarter campaign.

Our content-heavy approach to their email marketing allows the brand to build lasting relationships with customers that share their belief. And that leads to higher brand loyalty and an increase conversions for new and repeat buyers.

Email Examples