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I Love Apparel


Period: 30 days

Revenue attributed to email marketing: $18,000 of new revenue

About The Brand

Since 2013 I Love Apparel sold thousands of shirts to so many amazing people who each have unique passions. From motorcycle riders and guitar players, to cat lovers and accountants who are proud of their job.


As a well-positioned brand with a strong mission, I Love Apparel wanted to get more clients.

At the time they began working with Reach Realm they did have a considerably sized list but lacked website traffic and any form of customer loyalty. They also did not have a way of sharing their story with their audience.

The Solution

We set out to develop an email marketing system that will add tens of thousands of dollars to their bottom-line. First, our team reviewed their current email list setup. Then we made changes according to our proven segmentation blueprint. It was then time to build the 4 most important automatic email flows every e-commerce store must have:

Cart Abandonment

A cart abandonment sequence that saves sales they’d lose out on otherwise.


A post-purchase sequence that helps onboard new customers. Plus it cross-sells them to increase Customer Lifetime Values (CLVs)

Exit Intent

An exit intent sequence that gets prospects to buy with an offer they can’t refuse.


A customer win-back flow that ensures old customers don’t forget about your store.

The work continues

These flows were responsible for $18,000 of new revenue on their own. With our top flows bringing in as much as $2.84, $4.05, and even as much as $5.24 per recipient.

In the meantime, we also sent broadcasts to gauge interest in new products and turn a positive ROI as soon as possible.These added an additional 8% to their total revenue that month.

Once the core flows were in place, we tested new design and copy to optimize conversions.

Surveys were also sent out to the most active segments to help product development.

Next, we came up with more campaigns and flows so I Love Apparel’s new channel keeps bringing in revenue…

The Results

In 2 months’ work, we’ve established the foundations of a great email marketing channel.

Currently, it’s responsible for 36% of I Love Apparel’s fulfilled orders.

That’s more than $24,000 of revenue, thanks to their new email marketing system. And that’s a number that will keep on growing as we develop new campaigns and optimize old flows.

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