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Period: 30 days (January 2020)

Email Attributed Revenue Growth: 25%

About The Brand

Krosiny is a women fashion brand with a mission to redefine beauty. They provide women with beautifully crafted accessories that bring beauty to their professional and family life.

Website: https://krosiny.com/


Because the company was still in their startup phase without an existing email list, they were completely dependent on paid traffic to generate purchases.

Without a way of building brand relationships with their customers Krosiny also lacked any form of social proof, such as product reviews, video testimonials or social media following.

The Solution

After the brand trough our Reach Realm Customer Profiling process and crunching the numbers with our Business Intelligence tools, we’ve concluded that a fully automated email marketing system will be the most profitable solution for the brand in their current situation.

Email Marketing Automations

When developing Korsiny’s email automation strategy, we focused on the fact that this will be the only form of personalised communication with their audience, since establishing a comprehensive campaign calendar would not be effective in their situation.

To achieve optimal results, Reach Realm designed a fully automated system of building and sustaining deep customer relationships. That lead to a 25% growth in the brands revenue while also providing User Generated Content and incentivising repeat purchases.

List Building

To start building the brands email list, which is a crucial asset for eCommerce businesses at any stage, we’ve developed onsite retargeting elements such as popups to collect emails.

These elements were set up based on the available customer behaviour data in order to support (instead of hindering) the customer’s navigation through the online store.

This resulted in an average list growth of 143% month over month.

Email Examples