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About The Brand

Technigadgets sells high quality but affordable accessories for men, with a goal of providing their customers with timeless fashion pieces that make them look and feel amazing. Their product line includes sunglasses, watches, wallets and jewelry.

Website: https://technigadgets.net/ 

The Challenge

When they reached out to us, they were investing a lot of money into paid advertising, but their profits were low. They needed a solution that would help them convert more visitors into buyers and increase customer retention.

A lack of repeat purchases indicated that the brand was forced to continuously acquire new customers, since they had no way of improving their customer retention.

The Solution

Within a year of partnering with Reach Realm their revenue has increased by more than 400%.

We achieved that by applying our OmniReach System customer retention strategies across multiple marketing channels. Including email marketing, chat bots and on-site retargeting mixed in with a healthy dose of conversion rate optimization.

On-site Retargeting & Conversion Rate Optimization

Using a set of strategically placed on-site assets we successfully doubled the brands conversion rate which drastically improved the success of their paid traffic campaigns and boosted net profits for the owner.

Conversion Rate Graph

Email Marketing Automations

A set of highly personalised email automations was set up in order to further improve the conversion rate, generate repeat purchases, gather customer reviews and build brand loyalty. 

These automations generated an extra $125,515 in revenue in less than 6 months. They also enabled us to recover 32% off all abandoned carts.

Email Marketing Results (Q3 & Q4)

Email Campaigns (Broadcasts)

We have created an email campaign calendar to continuously nurture the brands email marketing list and support the brand during crucial sale events.

With the help of our business intelligence tools and audience analysis, we’ve built segments that allowed us to produce hyper targeted email campaigns and optimize their open and click-through rates.

Using those campaigns we generate an extra $11,259 in revenue every month!

TG Email Campaign Results (Spring Sale)

Email Examples